Data Management is what makes IT matter to business.

Only by understanding what your data assets are -- their business context -- can you provision them with the right resources, protect them appropriately, or govern them in a manner that is compliant with regulatory and legal mandates.

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Data protection is the first job of data management.

Without your data, it is impossible to recover from even minor interruption events.  Is your disaster recovery strategy data aware?  Are you going to find out only after a disaster occurs?

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The key to compliance and cost-containment is data archive.

An effective archive strategy ensures that data is retained in accordance with regulations in the most secure, reliable and cost effective manner.  How you store and manage data today may have an impact on your business viability down the road.

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Data protection includes data security and encryption.

A growing number of laws require firms to encrypt data when it moves off premise and, in some cases, to protect data at rest. Are you securing your data assets effectively?

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Data has its own lifecycle, with set retention and deletion requirements.

Moreover, you need to be prepared to find specific data quickly to respond to court orders and summons. Are you prepared?

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A sustainable strategy for driving cost out of IT means matching the right services to the right data.

Do you know what services and resources your data needs? One size fits most doesn't fit any data very well.

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DMI Community

DMI is a community.
Dedicated to establishing data management as a professional discipline in IT.

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Industry Watchdog

Separating marketecture from architecture.
DMI works to make sense of vendor-speak.

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Training and Certification from DMI

Certified Data Management Professional  Certified Data Protection Specialist  Certified Data Archive Professional

Certified Data Security Specialist  Certified Data Management Architect  C-4 Strategist

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DMI Video

Video introduction to DMI

Training Delivery Options

Classroom-Based Instruction
via worldwide partner seminars or at your site.

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Data Management Basics

Data Classification

Know Thy Data: The 1st Commandment of Data Management.

Data classification may seem like a daunting task, but tools are evolving to make short work out of sorting out the data junk drawer.

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Infrastructure Matters.

Data needs a destination -- actually different destinations over its useful life. Simpler, readily-managed infrastructure is key to data management success.

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The Perfect Policy-Based Data Mover.

Knowing what you need to store and how you want to store it over time is only useful if you can automate the movement of data across infrastructure. All software data movers are not the same.

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Word from the Street

Molly Rector Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic Sees Tape-Based Archive Growing.

Molly Rector says tape is the go-to media for archival storage for reasons of cost, durability and performance.

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Eric Lomascolo, Xiotech

Web Services Infrastructure Management Rules.

Eric Lomascolo isn't REST-full about management standards. Xiotech leads the way.

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Don Kleinschnitz, CA Technologies

Treat Data Protection as a Set of Modular Services.

Don Kleinschnitz of CA Technologies says the future of data protection is already here.

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