Has your job been outsourced? Ironically, the same vendors who sold us our SANs are now returning to management to explain that the technology is too complex for us to administer ourselves.
Thank you for your interest in our Charter Member program at the Data Management Institute (DMI). This program is designed to assist prospective members to become members of the Institute community by subsidizing their first year membership dues in exchange for survey data.

Survey results will be used to help DMI to characterize the storage technology requirements of companies from a consumer/operator perspective. Data of this type ? demand-side data ? of any real quality is in extremely short supply.

Day In The Life
We hope to use this data to author an annual report entitled ?A Day in the Life of the Data Manager? that will help to gauge the business value of storage technology being sold to consumers today. Your honest responses will help us to isolate where storage products are meeting, and falling short of meeting, the real world requirements of data managers like you.

All we ask is that you answer all questions honestly and fully. Personal information disclosed as part of this survey will be kept in confidence by DMI and used only to provide qualifying respondents with their DMI community membership credentials.

Responding to this survey does NOT guarantee a Charter Membership in the DMI community. We have a set number of available memberships to award ? 600 in all. Of these, 150 are allocated to representatives of large companies, 300 to medium sized companies, and 150 to small firms. The memberships will be granted to individuals who fully complete our survey provided that available grants of membership are available for the category of company in which the respondent works. First come, first served.

Thank you for your participation.
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