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The Data Management Institute offers a range of certification training programs that have already been taken by over 80,000 data management professionals worldwide. We offer training in multiple formats, from web-based workshops undertaken with media partners, to training webcasts delivered through our own e-portal, to training delivered on DVD. We also work with Toigo Partners International to deliver classroom-based instruction, live workshops at conferences and seminars, and custom training programs. To get to our on-line training and certification programs readily, just explore the other options on this menu. And join DMI today to give us your feedback.
In this period of phenomenal data growth in the tens to hundreds of zettabytes, the need to manage data is more pressing than ever before. DMI offers the workshops and the research to aid IT decision-makers in developing effective strategies.
Next to humans, data is an organization's most irreplaceable asset. Protection services need to be applied to data based on the business value of the data itself. There is no one-size-fits-most strategy for data protection that guarantees data availability or resiliency in a cost-efficient manner. And, no, high availability does not substitute for disaster recovery...
Data security needs to be applied as services to data itself, based on the business value of the data. Threat-focused strategies are fundamentally flawed. DMI offers a methodology for building a data-centric security capability.
For business reasons, and in response to legal and regulatory mandates in certain industries, digital information needs to be preserved in a secure, accessible manner. DMI's certification course for data archive professionals orients planners to the complex task of building, operating and managing an efficient data archive.
IT has fallen out of favor with business leaders in too many organizations -- especially when costs continue to grow and expectations fail to be met. Clouds and virtualization technologies have not rectified the problems. Success requires IT strategy focused on cost-containment, compliance, continuity and carbon reduction.
Alarmed by the lack of any detailed understanding of storage technology evidenced by many new IT operators, DMI is addressing this gap with free Storage Foundations training.

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Certification Workshops
On-line or classroom-based DMI certification workshops provide a deep dive into a technical discipline that is rewarded with a certification -- usually at no cost.
Self-Paced Instruction
DMI (and some of its partners) provides replay-on-demand for its modular training courses. So you can take the training whenever you want.
Courseware for Adults
DMI respects your time and your experience. Our lessons are based on what trainees have told us they need to learn.
Access to Support
DMI trainers and fellow members can answer most questions you may have. Just use our email or comment in our community blogs for support.
No Marketecture
Vendors do not define our training, though we may draw illustrations from real life that reference products or services.
Occasionally, you may get a chuckle from some of our training. Who said training had to be humorless?
No "Wrong Way" Examples
Our training follows the rules of adult education. We rarely if ever demonstrate the "wrong way" to do something -- since that tends to be what people remember!
Supplemental materials
Many of our courses come with supplemental reading materials that you can download and keep -- from e-books to articles.