Greetings.  This blog is the new home of a WordPress blog we started in 2012 that was destroyed by hackers in 2016.  It is conceived as a discussion area, a community, and a location for presenting useful information and insights for data managers and IT planners.

First and foremost, we are exploring the components of an effective IT strategy.  How do we conceive of strategic objectives and ensure that they are the right ones for our organizations?  We have defined elements that we conceive as must-haves in any IT strategy-building effort.  We call them the C-4 objectives:  cost-containment, compliance, continuity and carbon footprint reduction. 



Whatever else you seek to accomplish with IT strategy in your shop, these four objectives need to be considered closely.

  • Cost-containment goes to the business value of IT.  The business wants services, but they want to obtain services at the lowest possible cost.  Senior management wants a narrative, a business value case, for all new technology initiatives, and it is your job to tell them how the new initiative will reduce a prior known cost, reduce risk (framed not only as risk of downtime, but also as early investment obsolescence risk, risk of appearing on the WSJ front page in a dunce cap, risk of non-compliance with regulations or laws governing IT operations or data stewardship, etc.), and improve productivity.
  • Compliance refers to the governnance of systems and data in accordance with the growing legal and regulatory mandates related to IT operations and data assets.
  • Continuity refers to ensuring that critical business applications and data will remain available in a predictable way through a combination of disaster avoidance and disaster recovery capabilties -- preferably built in at the data management service level.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction refers to a collective effort to reduce the dependency of IT on fossil fuel-derived energy by optimizing infrastructure design and going green, not only with facilities and infrastructure but with data itself.

Making IT Matter and the C-4 Strategy we articulate in this blog are not the only way to conceive of IT strategy, but we hope that the views expressed here, supplemented by comments and insights from our members will raise the collective IQ levels of all who participate in this community.  Thanks for coming out.