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Welcome to the Data Protection Blog at DMI

For those who remember, the "living appendix" to three editions of the Disaster Recovery Planning books written by DMI founder Jon Toigo, we have consolidated that website into DMI and formed a community and this blog to carry on its mission.  This is the Data Protection Blog, and we hope you will find it useful.

Data protection is key to disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  Your organization can survive for a time without networks, servers, and other infrastructure, but if you loose your data, you are out of business.  The only way to protect data is to make a copy and store the copy out of harm's way, or at least sufficiently distant from the original source data to prevent both from falling prey to the same disaster or access interruption event.

Things start to get challenging when you begin working through the problems of designing a data protection strategy.  Some questions that you need to answer include: 

  • What data needs to be protected?
  • What data requires protection that will yield instant restoral or failover (expensive)?
  • What data can be adequately protected with backup/offsite storage?
  • Do clouds or server virtualization technologies do anything to improve the resilience of data?
  • What are the criteria for evaluating current data protection capabilities?
  • Can data security be considered separately from disaster recovery and data protection?

These and other questions will be addressed in forthcoming blogs in this space, and responded to by you and your peers.  Just register at DMI and use the comments section here to advance your viewpoint, to introduce your strategy, or to describe your challenges.  That's what this community is for.

Hopefully, none of us will have a data loss disaster.  But hope is not a strategy, preparedness is.  Let's use this blog and community to make us smarter.