Welcome to our blog on cognitive data management at DMI.  This is intended to become a forum for the community of data managers who are interested in simplifying, streamlining and automating the data management workload through the application of cognitive computing technology.

"Cognitive" sounds so trendy.  What "cognitive" is varies depending on who you ask.  

In some cases, cognitive computing is metaphorical.  It refers to a fairly common software engine that simply executes predefined instructions written in any number of scripting or programming languages.

In other cases, cognitive computing refers to the application of algorithms to data in to discern and respond to recognizable patterns.  

In still other cases, cognitive refers to machine learning:  a set of sophisticated programs that evaluate collected data, compare them to data management policies (criteria, standards, etc.) and determine what if any actions to take.

This blog provides a location to learn more about the theory of CDM and the capabilities of the current generation of vendor products portending to provide cognitive data management services.  Ultimately, we agree that the volume of data that is amassing in most organizations already exceeds the capability of human administrators to manage; automated tools are needed to support the effort. 

Let's learn more about CDM and share our experiences with data management generally using this forum.