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Cognitive Data Management
Cognitive Data Management
Our primary focus at DMI is the exploration of strategies and technologies for automated data management. "Cognitive" is the latest big thing, using machine intelligence and learning systems to relate data management policy to efficient data hosting, to storage resources and storage services allocation. and to data itself as it changes over the course of its useful life.
Data Protection
Data Protection
A key service of data management is the assignment to data of protective services that are appropriate to that data. The woo from many vendors of virtual server technology, however, suggests that high availability clustering with failover is all anyone needs in order to protect data. This is where we peel the onion...
Data Security
Data Security
While we are not convinced that data security should be treated as a separate discipline from data protection, we are keeping the distinction for now so that members can learn about the latest threats to data and the latest techniques for keeping data assets private.
Data Preservation
Data Archive
Archiving is an important data management service. Legal and regulatory mandates -- plus the current fascination of firms with big data analytics -- are pushing data preservation to the fore of IT thinking. But it can be a challenge to define and implement at data preservation strategy. Let's discuss it...
Storage Fundamentals
Storage Resources
Effective data management is inexorably linked to effective storage infrastructure design. This is where we talk about the latest infrastructure developments and try to separate the marketecture from the architecture.
IT Strategy and Business Alignment
Making IT Matter
We call this DMI community "Making IT Matter" because we focus on the challenge of aligning IT strategy with business goals and objectives. It is a topic with lots of nuance and confusion, so we will try to make sense of what an effective IT strategy requires...

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