Our Editorial Work
The Data Management Institute is constantly collecting input from vendors and feedback from consumers regarding technologies for managing data better. This includes information on storage technologies, file and object systems, metadata tools, data protection wares, digital information security products, archiving platforms, and other data management wares. We often put pen to paper to talk about the state of the market, integrating the perspectives of vendors and users. We hope you find this editorial content helpful.


Key Areas of Interest

Data Management
Data Management
We are always writing about the need for data management, trends and drivers, best practices and evolving technology tools.
Storage Technology
Storage Technology
Data needs to be stored and storage infrastructure is getting more -- not less -- complex with the advent of cloud storage and software-defined, hyper-converged infrastructure.
Data Protection
Security & DR
Information security and disaster recovery can no longer be handled in isolation. Data protection is increasingly provided as services, ideally as a function of the business value of data itself.
Data Preservation
Data Archive
Data archiving is becoming a killer app for companies that are required to retain data for extended periods as a function of regulatory and legal mandates.

Works in Progress

  • Cognitive Data Management (e-book)
    DMI is currently developing an e-book on the topic of cognitive data management that seeks to define the elements of such a platform, outline a strategy for deploying CDM effectively, and provide a guide to the current cadre of data management tools in the market.
  • Avoiding the Zettabyte Apocalypse
    With new data expected to exceed 120 ZBs per year by 2024, and the disk and flash RAM industries capable of manufacturing only about 2 ZBs per year, the result could be apocalyptic. This research looks at the role of tape and other technologies for storing more of the data deluge.
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, 2nd Edition
    Our analysis of the burgeoning software-defined storage and hyper-converged infrastructure markets in 2016 took us to speaking venues around the USA and Europe. With more than a year in the market, it is time to revisit the technology to see who has delivered on their business value proposition.
  • The Tape Renaissance
    Whether for archive or backup -- or even for primary storage -- tape is back in a big way. Kept on life support by a few vertical markets, tape is now once again finding wider deployment -- in clouds, large enterprises, research laboratories, healthcare and genome analysis firms, and media and entertainment. What is it with tape that we just can't quit?

Recent Seminars & Webinars

Attack Surface

The Changing Attack Surface of IT for Redmond Magazine

A webinar about the convergence of data protection and information security.
High Performance

Building High Performance Infrastructure for Databases

A webinar for Virtualization Review covering in-memory databases and methods for hosting them.
Future Trends

Future Trends in Cloud, Disk and Tape Storage

A presentation created for PRISM at their regional and annual conferences.
Secret Life

The Secret Life of Bits

A presentation for the Fujifilm Tape Power Summit in Boston, 2016.
CDM Practice

Building a Cognitive Data Management Practice

A webinar created for vendor sponsor StrongBox Data Solutions.

Virtualization Review

DMI routinely develops webinars with Virtualization Review and Redmond Magazine on topics of general interest

Industry Groups

Organizations such as ASCDI and PRISM have recently tapped DMI for original keynote addresses and breakout sessions at their association events

Vendors & Partners

DMI is delighted to present our views and research at the invitation of vendor sponsors and partners worldwide

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    If you are a vendor and want to commission a paper from a bona fide independent information source, contact us to discuss it. DMI takes on a limited number of vendor papers, but beware, we draw a sharp line between editorial and advertisement.
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