Welcome to the Institute

Welcome to DMI
The Data Management Institute, founded by Toigo Partners International, is a community for those who create, store, protect, preserve, secure and manage our most irreplaceable asset: data. DMI is striving to establish and bolster the practice and reputation of data management.
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  • An organization for data managers, intended to boost the stature and the skills of data managers globally.
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  • Providing a location on the web for the free exchange of methods, best practices, and technology reviews.
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Data Management Institute Features

Data Management Institute is member-driven, so you must become a member to leverage all of what we offer.
DMI programs have sponsors from the vendor community, but they do not influence our work or viewpoint.
For the most part, DMI is vendor neutral. But we do not allow ads or sponsorships from charlatans.
Our training and editorial products are kept up to date by staff, often in response to member input. So, share your experiences and insights.
DMI training is available on-line all the time. So, you can sit for a workshop whenever it is convenient for you.
Some content organized according to communities of interest: data protection, data security, data archive, cognitive data management, and other sub-disciplines have their own blogs and forums.
We occasionally deliver training at conferences and seminars. If you want to have us talk to a group, let's talk about it.
DMI loves doing research for members. Vendors ask us to find out about consumer needs. Consumers ask us to get them an honest appraisal of the market. We do it all.
DMI contributes blogs, infographics and articles to the press and takes occasional assignments that will help spread the word about data management best practices.

What You Need to Participate

Whether you are a data manager today, or just aspiring to the role, you are welcome at DMI. Vendors are also welcomed provided that they identify themselves and their organizations to the membership.
To keep out the riff-raff, DMI requires a login information page to be completed and verified. Your login will give you access to everything we do and at no cost. Your data will not be shared without your permission.
DMI's site has been developed using the latest technologies from Joomla and WordPress. The website adapts to any browser on any client device. So, we are officially hip and cool.