A Zettabyte Apocalypse?
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Data Management Tools Improve
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Cognitive?  What's that?
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Data Protection & Privacy
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Data Preservation Required
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  • A Zettabyte Apocalypse?
  • Data Management Tools Improve
  • Cognitive?  What's that?
  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Data Preservation Required

Our Latest Training Courses

Working with Toigo Partners International and Virtualization Review, we are steadily building out a series of free certification training courses for data managers.
  • Cognitive Data Management
    The automation of data management is taking a cognitive turn. That is, vendors are beginning to harness machine learning and artificial intelligence to apply management policies to data more efficiently. Just in time, given the pace of data growth.
  • Global Namespace
    The global namespace provides a location for storing metadata about files and objects in the storage repository and for monitoring the status of data to determine when policies must be executed.
  • Storage Resource Management
    Storage Resource Management (SRM) creates an Internet of Things environment for collecting information about storage targets and links and pathways between data creation processes (usually servers and application workflows) and storage. Real-time status is required to establish the right target for data at any given time.
  • Storage Service Management
    Data requires different hosting, protection, preservation and privacy services over time. Service brokers must be monitored to ensure that they are not overwhelmed by workload. That's where Storage Service Management comes in...
  • Policy Framework
    To manage data effectively, we need policies that identify what must happen to data under what conditions. These are policies, which in a cognitive model, are the instructions for the cognitive computing engine.
  • Cognitive Engine
    Cognitive Data Management, as the name implies, leverages a "cognitive engine" to bring together status information on data, resources and services and to relate them to pre-defined policies for data management over time.
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Cognitive Engine
Storage Resource Management
Storage Services Management
Policy Framework
  • Trying to wrangle years of digital information into a managed repository? DMI is where to go to learn the elements of a cognitive data management strategy.
    We are constantly improving our understanding of data management an data protection, preservation and privacy. Come to our chats to ask your questions or to contribute your insights. That is what DMI is all about.
    DMI conducts its own review of available data management, protection, preservation and privacy technologies -- and even infrastructure technologies. Keep current with the technologies that are available in the market and with our views of vendor wares.
    There is a lot of creative work being done in the data management field. We interview, in print, on-line and on video, the thought leaders in this field.
    Data Management Professionals often labor in isolation, never sure that they are doing things correctly. At DMI, you can communicate with your peers and compare notes
  • Among our most popular courses, the Certified Data Management Professional Training (CDMP) course has been delivered live around the world and more recently re-created as a web-based workshop sponsored by Virtualization Review.
    One of the most popular and oldest training programs from DMI is aimed at improving skills and knowledge in the areas of data protection and disaster recovery/busienss continuity planning. Over 80,000 have taken the Certified Data Protection Specialist training course from DMI either in the classroom or on the web.
    With phishing and ransomware front-of-mind in most organizations, DMI's Certified Data Security Specialist training program has been getting a lot of attention. Our audience for the CDSS web workshop, delivered in cooperation with Virtualization Review, broke records.
    Effective Data Management includes data protection, data privacy and data preservation -- also called archiving! We will shortly be delivering an on-line workshop version of our Certified Data Archive Professional training course for those tasked with preserving irreplaceable data assets for their organizations.
  • DMI operates a number of blogs and other informative microsites, as well as a Facebook page.
    Our "Trusted Storage AI," Barry M. Ferrite, offers periodic public service announcements on topics of interest to DMI members. Watch for his clips on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media outlets.
    We periodically produce in depth papers and technology spotlights on topics ranging from tape technology to hyper-converged infrastructure. Join up to be notified when these materials are available.
    Sometimes we throw the party, other times we participate in seminars and conferences produced by other associations, media outlets or vendors. Subscribe to the newsletter to be kept apprised of these events.
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Established in 2004, the Data Management Institute is a member-driven organization offering certification training and community support for professional data managers. It is completely free to join and enjoys a great reputation within the IT community.